On-tap sparkling water made easy!

No lock-in contract ✓

$1 Install ✓

Turn-key solutions ✓

Why choose Crystella?

Crystella was born from a passion to create a better instantaneous purified water that is a purer and more sustainable alternative to pre-bottled sparkling and chilled water. Italian-designed and backed by over 40 years of engineering experience, Crystella is a premium-quality purified water installation that can enhance and compliment any dining experience.

No lock-in contract

Experience freedom to make decisions as your business grows without long term commitments.

$1 install

Easy install for only $1. We do it all. (Simply complete pre-install checklist).

Turn-key solutions

Reduce labor, logistics, storage, energy and space with Crystella’s compact water system.

Crystella Pure, Still and Sparkling water solutions

Case Studies

Our customers appreciate ice cold, filtered sparkling water with their meals. This has been hugely beneficial both economically and environmentally.

Annie from Speedos Bondi